Hair Transplants

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Am I a candidate?

If you are bothered by hair loss, then you are a candidate for a hair transplant.  Even if you are severely bald, you have enough hair follicles on our head to restore the areas that are lacking.

What is the process?

Your own hair follicles are taken from a place on your scalp where they are abundant, typically the back of the head, a few inches above your neck.  These follicles are then separated into sections and grafted onto an area your head that is lacking hair.  

How long does it take?

Your hair transplant will take about four hours to complete depending on the amount of hair replacement that is needed.  

Will I be uncomfortable?

No.  A local anesthetic is used which allows many of our clients to relax so that they can read or even fall asleep during the procedure.  Plus our pleasant office atmosphere and nurturing staff ensure you comfort.  

Why is BSHA the right place for me to get a hair transplant?

Phyllis Fine and the clinicians at BSHA are not only experienced in the hair transplant procedure, they are able to explain the entire process to you so that you understand what is being done.  The fact that the clinic has been built on referrals speaks for itself.  We are trusted professionals who can help you restore confidence in the way you look.   

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